Chloé Bourjalliat


Masters in Translation & Interpretation-with Merit from the University of Westminster, London UK-2015/16

AA in International Relations-with Honors from the Miami Dade College-Florida, USA, August 2011

Coaching Accreditation at the Natural Success Coaching Association-London, UK 2016

The Self-Expression and Leadership Program from Landmark Education-Miami, USA, January 2010

European High School Curriculum: French/Spanish at the International School of Lyon, FRANCE, June 2005                                                                   


Translating from and to French, English and Spanish (green technologies, world development, business/marketing, finance, institutional topics)

Currently translating The Magician’s Way, by William Whitecloud, from English to Spanish.

Regular Proofreading, text processing and transciption in English and French for the International Maritime Organization (IMO), London

Specialised in Health and Wellbeing (fitness, physical training, self-development books and trainings, life coaching)

Working with the following topics: Fashion, Luxury, Automobile and Yachting industries, Bio-technologies, Legal Affairs, Diplomacy and Political Affairs, Self-development, Literature and more...

Translated an extract of the book The Conscious, Unconscious and Super-conscious Mind by Gurdip Hari, from English to French for academic purposes

Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting: French/English-A, Spanish-B (2015 Women’s International Conference, The FairTrade Foundation, medical appointments and business meetings)


Co-Author and translator of 8 Lessons to Succeed at Anything (2016) (Spanish version 8 Lecciones Para Tener Éxito en Todo-2017)