Chloé Bourjalliat


Masters in Translation & Interpretation-with Merit from the University of Westminster, London UK-2015/16

AA in International Relations-with Honors from the Miami Dade College-Florida, USA, August 2011

Coaching Accreditation at the Natural Success Coaching Association-London, UK 2016/2017

The Self-Expression and Leadership Program from Landmark Education-Miami, USA, January 2010

European High School Curriculum: French/Spanish at the International School of Lyon, FRANCE, June 2005                                                               


Translating from and to French, English and Spanish (green technologies, world development, business/marketing, finance, institutional topics)

Regular Proofreading, text processing and transciption in English and French for the International Maritime Organization (IMO), London

Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting: French/English-A, Spanish-B (2015 Women’s International Conference, The FairTrade Foundation, medical appointments and business meetings)

Specialised in Health and Wellbeing (fitness, physical training, self-development, trainings, life coaching)

Experience in the following topics: Fashion, Luxury, Automobile and Yachting industries, Bio-technologies, Legal Affairs, Diplomacy and Political Affairs, Self-development, Literature and more...

Currently translating The Magician’s Way, by William Whitecloud, from English to Spanish.

Translated an extract of the book The Conscious, Unconscious and Super-conscious Mind by Gurdip Hari, from English to French for academic purposes


Co-Author and translator of 8 Lessons to Succeed at Anything (2016) (Spanish version 8 Lecciones Para Tener Éxito en Todo-2017)