Chloé BOURJALLIAT - Founder

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Chloé is a Translator/Interpreter, and Life Coach. She was born in Los Angeles, California from French parents, but grew up between Paraguay, France and the Caribbean. Talk about a mix! She grew up travelling, and still travels today! It is who she is... a happy nomad! She loves being on the road (or on the plane), discovering new places, meeting new people and taking photos of every meaningful moment.

Why Universal Tongues? Well, she's picked up several languages throughout her travels, and she found that when she spoke the local language, doors opened to her, people allowed her into their hearts and into their lives. But ultimately, she recognized that there is a Universal Tongue, and that is the language of the heart. When we speak from our heart, everyone understands! And so talking in universal tongues is not a matter of language, but a matter of communicating from your heart. Chloé founded Universal Tongues from the desire to support others in showing the world who they are, what they have to offer and communicating from their heart.


Chloé is currently designing her own line of inspired clothing and fun accessories that will spread empowering messages! Have a look at the Inspired Tees tab for a preview!

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As a result, Chloé coaches other women in becoming independent, confident and fulfilled! Chloé's vision is to raise tomorrow's female leaders! Does that sound inspiring? Download her Free eBook 8 Lessons to Succeed in Life and get started on creating the life you really want!

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