Hello, my name is Chloé Bourjalliat.

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I’m a Translator/Interpreter, Lifestyle Coach, Travel Photographer and Writer. I was born in Los Angeles, California from French parents, but grew up between Paraguay, France and the Caribbean. Talk about a mix! I grew up travelling, and I still travel today! It is who I am... a happy nomad! I love being on the road (or on the plane), discovering new places, meeting new people and taking photos of every meaningful moment.

Why Universal Tongues? Well, I've picked up several languages throughout my travels, and I found that when I spoke the local language, doors opened to me, people allowed me in their hearts and in their lives. But ultimately, there are Universal Tongues, and these come from the heart. A bit like priests speaking angelical tongues to communicate with angels. The language of the heart, the language of love is universal...everyone has a heart! And so talking in universal tongues is not a matter of language, but a matter of communicating from your heart. Love is the bridge, no matter where you're from and where you are heading!

I hope this magazine inspires you to follow your heart...



My book: 8 Lessons to succeed at Anything

My vision is to inspire people to live from their heart! A lot of people out there are unhappy, unfulfilled, depressed and frustrated with their lives, which leads to self-harming behaviour, estranged relationships and broken self-esteem. I wrote this little book, along with Arush Bakshi, in an effort to give people 8 simple tools they can apply in their life now and get results!

So if you are frustrated, depressed and worried about your future, I invite you to purchase a pdf version and start improving your life right now!

8 Lessons to Succeed at Anything: Harness your fear, anger and depression to fuel your success

A 7-week course offering practical knowledge and application of the principles of Alchemy. 
In literal terms, Alchemy is the art of turning Lead into Gold. But in real life application, Alchemy is all about using the negativities of your life (Anger, fear, depression, obstacles, problems etc.) and converting them into the results you truly desire.
The fundamental principles used in this book can be applied to any situation in life, be that financial struggles, dysfunctional relationships, fear of failure or success, or even not being 100% sure what you want from life. 

This course takes a dive into the unconscious mind, with the purpose of revealing to you, your self-sabotaging unconscious behaviors. Because only through awareness can you overcome your personal struggles. 

It is designed to fit into anyone's life, requiring no more than 30 minutes of reading per week. 

Our main goal is to have empowered you to create the life you truly desire.

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