My vision is to inspire people to follow their heart and travel the world...

I find that today we are so stuck in our daily routines, our jobs and responsibilities that we forget to travel, we forget to dream, and we even cease to give travelling and dreaming any importance. We start believing that the colour of our shoes is more important than the colour of our dreams. We slowly get swallowed into a vicious and boring life. We think that because we don't have money we should stop travelling, that because we don't have time we should stop discovering, or that because we have responsibilities we should stop dreaming. We become like ghosts, zombies walking through the streets of life, going to work, coming back home, watching meaningless shows, drinking to fake happiness and excitement only to wake up a little more numb, so we can continue to walk aimlessly through our day without feeling too much pain. Sad.

The good news is that travelling, dreaming and discovering is my passion! This is why I have created Universal Tongues, an inspiring online travel magazine, where I will be sharing dreamy photography, true travel tales and make you discover real magical places!

So if you would love to start dreaming again, travel and discover, but find yourself limited by money, time and other constraints, this magazine will be your little secret garden! No only will you be inspired, but I, along with my team of local reporters, will be sharing the truth, the tips and the tricks from our trips. So subscribe now and start receiving articles from inspiring places!