Showing your ideas to the world takes courage! And here at Universal Tongues, we respect and stand for that!

Universal Tongues translates your ideas and products into any language, so you can spread your word far across the world!

Your message is important, and we make a point in translating it as accurately as possible, taking into account your core values, vision and the cultural aspect of the language you are targeting. 

We don't just translate! We make it personal!

So have courage and spread the word about who you are and what you have to offer!

We've got your back!


chloe logo black.png


Our logo represents the face of the Indian goddess Kali. Kali is responsible for bringing death to our Ego, and liberating our Soul, she is often considered to be the goddess of War, suggesting the constant egoic battle we must go through.

We chose this logo as it represents what we stand for: letting go of our illusory self, and bringing our true nature and purpose out to the world.

It is our vision to express ourselves as we truly are and support others in doing so. This process requires courage! 

This is why we support courageous people in spreading the word about who they truly are!